November, 2022
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[MIDDLE WALLET]with T-ber & Silver ring

20 years have passed since the birth of a wallet of this size, while having storage capacity and functionality comparable to a long wallet.
MIDDLE WALLET, which has undergone various improvements over the past 20 years and still reigns as MW-22
when held in hand
The MW-22, which has 20 years' worth of thought and functionality in a "medium size" that is just right when you put it in your pocket.
Please enjoy


SIZE: H15.0cm×W9.2cm×D1.5cm

Boa Constrictor (boa constrictor leather)
Horse Nume Leather (Pit Tanning: Shinki Leather)
riri fastener (nickel color)
Original Silver Ring
machine sewing
Polyester sewing thread Bill compartment: 1 Card storage: 7 Pocket storage: 1 Coin storage: 1 (with gusset)

It is a snake classified in the genus Boa of the Boa family. It inhabits widely from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to Paraguay and northern Argentina in Central America and South America.
Females are larger than males, averaging 2 to 3 meters.
The surface of the leather has a unique scale pattern similar to that of an anaconda.

-Horse Nume Horse Wax-
Commissioned by Shinki Hakkin Co., Ltd., whose philosophy is to manage the entire process from tanning to dyeing and finishing in-house.The world-recognized 100% vegetable tannin pit tanning efficiency is prioritized based on the history, love and pride of horse leather. Even in modern times, pit tanning, which takes the most time, inherits the horse slime from pit tanning. please enjoy

finishing virtuosity
The surface is finely textured and has a firm texture, just like a cordovan. The surface is covered with wax as if it were covered with light snow. As the wax gradually blends in, the original color and expression will appear with a sense of luster.

*Hose wax with this finish may remove the surface wax, especially where the leather bends.
It looks like the epidermis is cracked, but it is just a part of the wax applied to the surface.
By using it, it will gradually become familiar with the leather.
I would appreciate it if you could enjoy it as one of the changes.

Uma Nume Horse Wax is generously incorporated with the wonderful characteristics of Uma Nume and the technology of Shinki Leather, which has been interacting with horse leather for a long time.
We will manufacture each one according to the manufacturing standards that we have established with the aim of making the most of this horse slime.

T-bar & Silver ring
Middle wallet decorated like Maniho for the first time in a long time T-ber
Originally devised for attaching a wallet rope, this became an eye-catcher for Maniho and helped many people to know about Manifold.
For the Silver Ring, we use an original silver ring with the nostalgic name "Maniho Concho".