MW-11 CO (riri)
MW-11 CO (riri)
MW-11 CO (riri)
MW-11 CO (riri)

MW-11 CO (riri)

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Exterior construction: Cordovan (pit tanning)
Inner construction: Horse Nume (pit tanned)

For both cordovan and horse-nume, we commissioned Shinki Leather, which has the philosophy of managing the entire process from tanning, dyeing, and finishing in-house.

The most important part for Shinki Leather to be recognized in the world is
Pit tanned with 100% vegetable tannins to produce cordovan

Even in today's world where efficiency is prioritized, pit tanning, which takes the most time among tanning methods for both cordovan and horse tanning, is inherited.

Only in pit tanning
Firmness with a strong core, edge surface that shines with bare polishing, glossiness that deepens the more you use it

Cordovan and horse leather, which are differentiated by the difference in the horseskin fiber layer, exist in a single piece of horseskin before the tanning process.

Distinguish the difference between the horse leather fiber layers,
Creates completely different textures of cordovan and horse slime

You can experience purebred horse Nume by combining external cordovan and internal Nume.

This time, I made it with riri zipper.


SIZE: H19.5cm×W10.7cm×D2.0cm

Cordovan (pit tanning: Shinki leather)
Horse Nume Leather (Pit Tanning: Shinki Leather)
riri fastener (silver color)
machine sewing
polyester sewing thread
Wallet: 2 places
Card storage: 14 locations
Coin storage: 1 place