MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]
MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]
MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]
MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]
MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]

MW-11 AL-BLV ST [Indigo dyeing]

February 25, 2023
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[ROUND FASTENER WALLET] with T-ber & Silver ring

It has been more than 10 years since I started making round zipper wallets, and by using the round zipper horse Nume, which has become an indispensable standard item, it has become a smart and light wallet overall without compromising storage capacity. finished
The outer shape is designed from the connection between Earl and Earl and Earl and the pinnacle. When you start using it, you will see the complete form of this wallet for the first time.

The detailed texture and lightness of Mima Nume stands out because of its simplicity.

T-ber and Silver ring applied there
I made it with such a feeling that I want you to feel together.

・ Number of production: 1 point

SIZE: H19.5cm×W10.7cm×D2.0cm

Horse Nume Leather (Pit Tanning: Shinki Leather)
Silver original ring
riri fastener (nickel color)
machine sewing
Polyester sewing thread Wallet: 2 places
Card storage: 14 Pocket storage: 2
Coin storage: 1 place


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Alligator is recognized worldwide as a material for sustainable use.
This is the first leather challenge for MANIFOLD.

Indigo dye
I have tried my own indigo dyeing at MANIFOLD in the past, so I can understand how difficult it is to dye by hand. Please enjoy the change like discoloration of denim by using it.

Requested by Shinki Hakkin, whose philosophy is to manage the entire process from tanning, dyeing, and finishing in-house. World-renowned 100% vegetable tannin pit tanning centered on history, love and pride in horse leather.
Inheriting horse slime from pit tanning, which takes the most time even in modern times where efficiency is prioritized

Please enjoy the firmness and flexibility of the pit tanned horse skin, the edge surface that shines with bare polishing, and the luster that deepens as you use it.

A feat of dyeing technology
The base color is dyed in a vivid blue color, and then dyed in a deep blue color with a sense of transparency, and finally the paraffin is soaked in using heat.

Three layers of intricate dyeing and finishing create this blue vintage hue.

finishing virtuosity

After the glazing gives it a thick luster, the kneading process brings out the wrinkles and whitening. Become

Uma Nume Blue Vintage, which was generously invested in the wonderful characteristics of Uma Nume and the technology of Shinki Hakkin, which has been in dialogue with horse leather for a long time. We manufacture each one according to our manufacturing standards.

T-bar & Silver ring

Originally devised for attaching a wallet rope, this became an eye-catcher for Maniho and helped many people to know about Manifold.
For the Silver Ring, we use an original silver ring with the nostalgic name "Maniho Concho".

riri fastener
Fastener manufacturer established in 1936 in Mendrisio (Ticino), Switzerland Unique design of the slider (pull)
Please enjoy the riri zipper with a history of over 80 years, "riri unique".