MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color
MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color

MB-01 S [Dipped Work Harness] 3-Color

January, 2023
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[MANIFOLD BELT] Original Buckle & Dipped Work Harness

MANIFOLD BELT with an original buckle born for the first time in several years

``Night department staff'' designed the buckle himself and shaved the prototype to create a 30mm single-pin brass buckle.The buckle is also thickly plated with 925 silver. A buckle with a new atmosphere that fuses the surface and the side with sand-shaped joints is completed.

Memories of leather called "harness" used for belts made about 30 years ago
30 years later, I met a leather with the same name "harness".

Memories and leather that connect the present and the past
30 years later, the wonder of this leather is confirmed

Rebirth of the manijo belt

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SIZE: 30 (80cm), 32 (85cm), 34 (90cm), 36 (95cm)
* The value in ( ) indicates the length from the intersection of the inside of the buckle and the pin to the hole in the middle.

Cow Tanned Leather ”Dipped Work Harness” (pit tanning: Wikett & C
Band width: 30mm
Thickness: 4mm thick brass original buckle (925 Silver thick plating)
Hand Sewing
polyester sewing thread

-Dipped Work Harness-
Dubbed "Dipped Work Harness", this cowhide leather does exactly what the name suggests.
Leather made for harnesses (bridles) that require strength and durability. As the name suggests, the process of making this leather is vegetable tanning using the pit method.
In addition, it is immersed in a mixture of wax and oil for a certain period of time to allow it to penetrate to the core.This wax and oil gives the leather a core that is flexible and creates a richly expressive texture.When the leather is bent, the oil on the surface moves and the color changes. You can enjoy the look of a pull-up that changes.We searched for the best thickness that allows you to wear this leather, which is originally about 6mm thick, as a belt without stress, while maintaining the tension and stiffness of the leather. , This time we made it with a thickness of 4 mm.

This leather was made by Wikett & Craig, an American company founded in 1867.
Experience the splendor of this leather by using this leather that is still alive with the technology cultivated over 150 years of history.

* This leather contains plenty of oil. In addition, the finish takes advantage of the texture and variation of the leather itself.
Therefore, there is a possibility that oil or dye may transfer to clothes or fade due to moisture or friction.

* In order to help you understand what leather is, we use areas with wounds, wrinkles, blood lines, etc. that the cow had when it was alive as long as it does not affect the product.