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For many years, while working on OEM products for many first-class brands, we have developed our own brands and created many hit products in the world. "It began

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Model/Production: Ikenohata Ginkokuten Leather Provided by: MANIFOLD
Production of exotic leather specifications: MANIFOLD daytime department person in charge

Ikenohata Ginkakuten's versatile ideas and craftsmanship Shinki's novel finishing horse-tanume leather
The role of MANIFOLD (connecting) and the challenge of the person in charge of the MANIFOLD daytime section combining exotic leather

The challenge of creating a product that is recognized by the people who created it.

In this day and age when we no longer know what the real thing is

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  • MO-01 HW [HORSE WAX] 3-Color
    MO-01 HW [HORSE WAX] 3-Color
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