[CASTELLANON: Castellanon]

Transformation connection/induction system that connects the head, back, abdomen, and tail

The knowledge gained from this is that the dents built into the body receive water and move as if spontaneously.
In addition, by supporting the abdominal connection mechanism with two points that are easy to shake, the shaking of the abdomen is amplified to the head, back, and tail.

Movement does not start from the head, but in the order of multiple parts → back → tail → head
Up to a certain speed range, the tip of the head with the eye moves slightly, but the rear end of the head moves violently along with the abdomen and back.

By changing the fulcrum of movement and amplifying the movement of each part,
In the category of lure, it has created a completely new movement.

One of the answers given by CASTELLAN is
It was said that when the fulcrum of movement and the fulcrum of movement changed, the response of the bass also changed.

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