〜 CASTELLANON 〜 Castellanon 〜

~ CASTELLANON Castellanon ~

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second edition.
This time, we will propose three color themes.

The first is
This paint was devised by the respected representative of T's Studio Sakai!
It's too cute and Christmas colors.

MIRACLE SNOW Miracle Snow will be released only in winter.
It is scheduled to be completed in late December.

The second is an X-ray.
I dropped the X-ray image of the fish into Castellanon.
Transparent x-rays are black and blue.
The top coat has a matte finish.

Silver and gold are not transparent in transparent X-rays.

This top coat has a glossy finish.

X-rays start with 4 colors.
Please take a look at the see-through x-Rays!
We are planning to start selling at our web shop.

The third is crack.
Gives cracks that tend to be strong and strange paint a weak, gentle and pale atmosphere.
It starts with two colors, blue and pink.

I hope someday I can propose a strong and unique crack.
We are planning to start selling at our web shop.

〜 CASTELLANON 〜 Castellanon 〜

Instead of pushing the water, it lets the water escape and pretends

slowly, slowly
Try winding at a constant speed

Diagonal revetment Vertical revetment

head, back, tail
Try winding it slowly so that you can't see the furifuri.

my stomach is shaking

It was the first way to move