Spec of 550 DENIIRO

Thursday, November 28, 2019
from 20:00

Spec of 550 DENIIRO
We will accept 20 tails in a custom order format of combination selection.

~ Leather lures are more effective at lower water temperatures ~

[ Spec of 550 ]

SIZE: L550mm × H110mm × W48mm
WEIGHT: 1330g ~ (dry weight)
PRICE : ¥95,000 (excluding tax)
¥104,500 (price including tax)

FLAME: 2.5mm thick STAINLESS STEEL by Laser Cut
BODY: POLYETHYLENE (Polyethylene) by Shaving Processing
LEATHER: Horse Nume Foil Pasted Uribo Embossed

*Needles are not included, so please purchase them separately.

Leather lure revival first
Spec of 550
The ban on wearing that sub-chin frame is finally lifted!

With the adoption of a submandibular frame, the front part of the line eye has a thickness of 5mm, making it a specification that can withstand intense use.

You can choose from the following

1. Leather selection

The leather base is embossed with Uribo on horse skin, all 6 colors of foil pasted colors (embossed Uribo is not an obscene pattern)

Leather specification change frame

In order for you to understand the leather, we can accommodate exotic requests in the specification change frame. When ordering with the base Umanume, please enter the desired leather name in the remarks column. UmaNume After confirming your order, we will provide you with an estimate and report on our inventory at any time. Due to the size of the vendor's inventory, we may not be able to accept it.It will take some time to reply and estimate.

Flow when ordering exotic leather
① Please confirm the order with Uribo embossing
② Please fill in the desired exotic leather name in the remarks column.
(The remarks column will be displayed after clicking ADD TO CART)
③ Quotation for desired exotic leather
④ Determination of desired exotic leather
⑤ Request for the desired exotic leather price
⑥ We will start production after payment is confirmed.

*If exotic leather is not used, please rest assured that we will make it in the color of horse tanned at the time of order confirmation.

2. Posture selection

Posture 1: Forward leaning posture 2: Horizontal posture Posture 3: Backward leaning posture Please select the desired posture.

3. Weight selection

Two types of standards are set for weight setting ・WEIGHT ①: Around 1345g (low water temperature period)
・WEIGHT ②: around 1330g (medium water temperature period)
Please choose a weight from either

Explanation ~ Water temperature and floating or sinking condition ~

For leather lures
Low water temperature → Tendency to float
High water temperature → Tendency to sink

Large weight adjustment is required for water temperature, and fine adjustment is required for water quality.
At Spec of 550, the weight increases by 5-10% due to water absorption.

Approximate by water temperature
WEIGHT ①: Around 1345g → recommended to use at minimum water temperature ~ 14℃
WEIGHT ②: Around 1330g → recommended for water temperature around 15-20℃

Floating or sinking tendency based on water temperature of 12℃
WEIGHT ①: Around 1345g → Suspend ~ Slow floating tendency
WEIGHT ②: around 1330g → floating

Floating or sinking tendency based on water temperature of 18℃
WEIGHT ①: Around 1345g → Tendency of slow thinking
WEIGHT ②: Around 1330g → Suspend ~ Slow floating tendency

* Body temperature, leather water absorption rate & oil content, water temperature, water quality, line type
I would appreciate it if you could use it as a guide because it will change depending on the conditions such as

4. Payment

Regarding the Spec of 550 Test sample this time, we would like to accept the custom order form from everyone, so that we can start the production after the payment is completed.

About payment method ・Bank transfer
・Credit card payment ・PayPal payment
is available

*Please note that payment by cash on delivery (COD) is not possible.

This time, we apologize for the inconvenience to the sales partner stores, and we have accepted it alone.

Production breakdown ・Total production: 25
・ Total sales: 20 fish
will be

Regarding the production period, it will take 1 month from the date of order for the horse tanned base. For exotic leather, it will take 1 month from the arrival of the materials.

The first time I caught a leather lure was in 2006.

Leather lures debuted in 2011

The naming of DENIIRO and PATIINO is

I was raised by all of you, and I am here today.

It's an unknown world, so I'll challenge it If it doesn't exist, I'll create it
I'm going to move on without being understood

If there's just one person who wants it, that's fine, because we can walk together

It's a world that hasn't been clarified, so I'll continue to pursue an unwavering dream

Spec of 550
entrust your dreams