Maniho specification horse slime


It's finally starting in earnest.

Before you know it, the calendar is almost November.

It's finally here.

It's been 8 months since the production of the old standard product ended on February 28th.

Starting with the production of a new maniho specification horse slime,
Repeatedly planning and prototyping new works in parallel,
This time, 6 items have been completed.

Why was it horse slime?


The heart of the "night department manager" may have been decided since last year's miraculous encounter with Shinki leather.

Cordovan is familiar with horse leather accessories that are familiar with leather jackets and bags.

Why don't you see Umanume so often in the world of accessories?

It has started again.
The perverse challenge of the “night department manager”.

Finding a tiny little light
I have a tendency to want to make the light bigger.

I wonder if this was what was in the heart of the “night club manager”.
(This is just the imagination of the person in charge of the daytime department.)

Thanks to the miraculous encounter and the cooperation of those who lead the transaction with Shinki Leather,
It has been decided in earnest to express the splendor of Uma Nume with products unique to Maniho.


It all started with the construction of horse slime that has a firm and firm finish suitable for small items like cow slime. took a while...


Thanks to the many years of experience and cooperation of Shinki Leather Co., Ltd., we were able to create a wonderfully finished maniho specification horse slime.



I would like to talk to you one by one from now on along with the wonderful new work of Ma Nume.

coming soon

looking forward to