Shop Web Site Renewal

Half a year has passed since February 28, when the production of all standard products ended.

From the standpoint of a manufacturer, we have not been able to close the distance with everyone until now.

I want to ask for more face to face with each customer and enjoy them together!

I've been looking for a thought.

You can come directly to the store and take a look at the products,
Customers can talk with each other by talking about leather and fishing

I want to create such a space.

with such thoughts

Is the construction of the new work going smoothly?! The new Shop Web Site that was being promoted in parallel with the progress.

At the milestone of the 20th year, let's make a new start
We also tried to create a website by ourselves.

When you try this, it's indescribably difficult.

For those of us without knowledge, every day is spent searching for everything.
Somehow, somehow, I got to the point where I could see it.

Manifold home page


The new horse Nume base currently under construction is "NEW PRODUCTS"
will be posted on

We are posting the old standard of beef nume base.

Some items on the menu that I've never seen before...

This is probably what most anglers are concerned about.


Unfortunately, it's not finished yet,

I'm really looking forward to what the "night club staff" will do!

Dear anglers, please put a lot of pressure on the “night club staff”!

Since this is a LEATHER BLOG,
So much for LURE.

Stay tuned for LURE BROG!


The site is also compatible with smartphones.
(At last.)

Enter the menu from the three horizontal lines on the top right.

Manifold home page

New works currently under construction

We are repeating trial production every day so that we can unveil it as soon as possible.

We will create products that are unique to Maniho with the theme of beautiful proportions like thoroughbreds based on horse slime.

Finally here too.

From this weekend, the shop business at the fruit store will also resume!


You can take a look at the new samples,
You can also see the finish sample of Umanume that arrived the other day.

Just now

Great every day! of “Evening department person in charge”

We are soliciting your opinions and requests.
What are your thoughts on the sample and can you make it with this kind of leather? We would like everyone to participate before the official commercialization!

I'm waiting with a snort.

MANIFOLD entered its 20th year

We are looking forward to hearing from you.