MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color
MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color

MO-01 EL-HW [ELEFANT] 3-Color

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[ MANIFOLD ←DETAIL WORKS→ + Ikenohata Silver Leather Store ]

Slim Wallet using Uma Nume “Horse Wax” and Elephant
Features a card case that stands up Thickness 15mm

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication.

"com-ono" that pursues functionality even in mini wallets and thin and small wallets
Only 15mm thick, card case that stands up. Unique gimmick and thoughtful design.

The new world of “com-ono” and MANIFOLD We challenged a model with unprecedented exotic leather.

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Tokyo leather kitchen
Shizuoka Prefecture Barn Stormer
Kyoto prefecture grandguignol
Miyagi Prefecture The Strike SKATE & TACKLE SHOP
Tokyo leather kitchen

SIZE: H9.8cm×W9.0cm×D1.5cm

Horse Nume Horse Wax (Pit Tanning: Shinki Leather)
Italian shrink leather (cowhide)
machine sewing
Polyester sewing thread Wallet: 1 Card storage: 1 Coin storage: 1 Estimated storage: 12 bills, 15 coins, 5 cards


Currently, African elephants are distributed as leather.
Large folds and wrinkles that are characteristic of each part, and if you look closely, you can see fine grainy bumps (skin).
Glossy feeling that increases with use
For this wallet, the challenge is to pursue the thinness of the wallet without losing the texture of the elephant. Made possible by the hands of craftsmen with experience and precision technology

-Horse Nume Horse Wax-

Requested by Shinki Hakkin, whose philosophy is to manage the entire process from tanning, dyeing, and finishing in-house. World-renowned 100% vegetable tannin pit tanning centered on history, love and pride in horse leather.
Even in the modern era where efficiency is prioritized, the pit tanning that takes the most time to inherit the tanned horse skin. Please enjoy the luster

finishing virtuosity
The surface is as fine as a cordovan and has a firm texture. The surface is covered with wax to make it look like snow has fallen and piled up.
As you use it, this wax will gradually become familiar with it, and the original color and expression will appear with a glossy feeling.

*Hose wax with this finish may remove the surface wax, especially where the leather bends.
It looks like the epidermis is cracked, but it is just a part of the wax that has been applied to the surface has been partially removed.
I would appreciate it if you could enjoy it as one of the changes.

Horse Nume Horse Wax Generous use of the wonderful characteristics of Uma Nume and the technology of Shinki Hakkin, which has been in dialogue with horse leather for a long time. We will manufacture each one according to the standards of


A 10 cm square wallet full of ideas, gimmicks, inquiring minds, and technical skills.

Color contrast that brightens your heart the moment you open it

Supple Italian shrink leather (cowhide) used for part of the interior
For the exotic leather model, we used it only for the coin case.The color contrast that appears the moment you open the wallet gives a new impression. The compatibility between the leather and the structure that seemed to be produced in the process of making. The changes in each leather that I am looking forward to.

“com-ono” original gimmick that the card case stands up

The biggest feature of this wallet This structure makes it much smarter to take out cards.

Thoughtful design with a thickness of only 15mm

Bills, coins, and cards can hold all the necessary storage in a wallet, and even if you store everything in this small size and thinness, the thickness will not change significantly. A surprising structure that can store 15 coins, 5 cards, and 1 card

The pursuit of thinness extends to hooks
The hook is the bottleneck in making a thin wallet. Actually, the thickness of the hook makes a big difference in the thickness of the wallet. increase

Edge finish without compromise
The face (edge) of the faceplate that has been polished
A craftsman picks up the surface one by one with a planer and polishes it to create a beautiful rounded edge. As a fellow creator, I have nothing but respect for the craftsmanship of applying a planer to this thin edge.